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Stand Up for Healthcare (Women's March)

We're hitting the streets to protect health care, and your leadership is needed because our lives are on the line.

Congress is working to take away health coverage from 22 million Americans by repealing Obamacare. It will hurt everyone by stealing insurance, but women, transgender people, and marginalized communities will be hit the hardest. Republicans will soon vote on dropping coverage for mothers, people with disabilities, working families, and anyone who is vulnerable.

Although our protests scared them away from voting this week, Senate Republicans have been vowing to destroy Obamacare for years and they will be back!

Join us on Saturday, July 29th, as we tell Senators NO to this attack on women, our families and our communities.

Host: Megan Meyer
Hopkinsville Farmers Market (Hopkinsville, KY)
W 9th St & S Main St
Hopkinsville, KY 42211