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24 Hours for 24 Million Lives! #24for24 (Women's March)

In support of truly accessible, high quality healthcare for all, and in defense of the steps forward made by the ACA, we are sponsoring a 24 hour vigil and 5pm rally!  We are telling personal stories as well as reading Healthcare / ACA related stories from our friends and family at Senator Toomey's office.  Bring a chair. Bring a story. Bring a friend! 

Feel free to clip a photo, a note, a healthcare bill or momento on our life line!!    

(please be sure to black out all personal information)



For Pennsylvania's Future

Organizing for Action (OFA)

Power Northeast

Tuesdays With Toomey

Resist Fascism

Supporting Partners


Power Philadelphia

Planned Parenthood

Philly Women Rally





Host: Shawna Knipper
Senator Toomey's Office (Philadelphia, PA)
200 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106