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Protect Our Care Flash Mob (Women's March)

July 29, 2017: We're taking action nationwide to protect our health care. Women's March Ohio along side our partners Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio, Indivisible District 12, For Our Future, ProgressOhio and many others we will take action in the Protect Our Care Flash Mob. The Flash Mob will spell out Protect Our Care making a visual statement with aerial drone photo and video recording.

1. Wear white shirts or all white.

2. Take shape of your assigned letter with your team captain's support.

3. Following Flash Mob we will come together with a community potluck sharing stories and uplifting each others voice as we continue to stand up for our health care rights.

Our Lives Are On The Line is to push back against this secretive process to rush a bill that could lead to 23 million fewer Americans being covered. No one should die to fund a $600 billion tax cut for the rich.  Our lives are on the line. If this GOP health care repeal will impact you, your family and your community please join us on July 29th to hold the Republicans accountable.   

Host: Rhiannon Childs
Contact Phone: 614-282-4568
Summit on 16th United Methodist Church (Columbus, OH)
82 E. 16th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201