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March for Healthcare Austin: Our Lives on the Line (User Created)

With the fate of healthcare coverage for millions of Americans still hanging on the line, we invite you to help us form a human LIFE LINE for all those that depend on the ACA and Medicaid to survive and thrive! 

Join us on Saturday, July 29 at City Hall from 10am-noon

We will gather at 10 a.m. with the program starting at 10:20. At roughly 11:05 we will begin to form LIFE LINES down the two sides of Congress Avenue and we will MAKE SOME NOISE! COME HELP US FORM THE LONGEST LIFE LINE POSSIBLE for the 22-32 million (depending on which bill you look at) Americans whose healthcare is at risk. 

This event is part of the national OUR LIVES ON THE LINE movement that is working to raise the voices of people across the nation to send a message to Congress to Protect Our Care!

On the LIFE LINE that we will physically hold for all to see, we will hang our STORIES. Please bring, or be prepared to write, your personal story or - if not directly impacted - your reason for supporting healthcare for ALL.

Here is a RECAP of what to bring:
1) Yourself, your family and friends 

2) An item to contribute to a massive community display to honor and lift up the lives of those threatened by cuts any cuts to our healthcare (photographs, written stories, letters, drawings) or an item that celebrates the lives and health of those helped by the ACA! 

3) Two copies of a personal letter we’ll hand deliver to Senators Cornyn and Cruz detailing your concerns about undermining the ACA and cutting Medicaid

4) Sun Protection - WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU BRING AN UMBRELLA for shade. Also consider bringing a hat, sunscreen, water to drink or spray on yourself, and bug spray. 

No matter the state of the healthcare repeal bill come July 29, we will proceed with the event because we KNOW the healthcare threats will not stop. Join us to learn about the structures already in place at the national and state level that will continue to threaten our healthcare through ACA and Medicaid cuts. 

We must show our national and state leaders that WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE until we get QUALITY HEALTHCARE FOR ALL! 

Our coalition includes Children's Defense Fund-TexasADAPT OF TEXAS,Our Revolution Central TXIndivisible AustinAustin DSATARA AustinPlanned Parenthood Texas VotesPlanned Parenthood Summer of Defiance AustinNational Women With Disabilities Empowerment Forum,Young Invincibles, Personal Attendant Coalition of Texas, Left Up To US,Texas AFL-CIO, and others.


Host: Lisa Goodgame
Austin City Hall (Austin, TX)
301 W 2nd St.
Austin, TX 78701

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